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black tuxedo pant

Ok, so clearly these pictures weren’t taken in the City, but I was in route so that should count right? lol. I got dressed up for a fundraising event at Watershed on Peachtree my friend Danielle was hosting to raise funds for her foundation – Eric R. Beverly Foundation, which by the way was an absolutely fabulous event! (See previous post for details and pics)

black tuxedo pant

When I found out about the event I had already set my mind to wear pants; something classic and classy – which is my signature style . Now if you know me, then you know that I absolutely LOVE jumpers, pantsuits, rompers, and pants; I can never have too many. Which brings me to these 5th & Mercer pants I’m rocking in these pics. If you’ve ever wanted a pair of well fitting tapered leg tuxedo pants, I suggest you go to and order a pair. RIGHT. NOW.

Let me tell you how I first got introduced to the brand. Rocsi Diaz wore the white 5th and Mercer pantsuit to the Grammy Awards in February, and at the time I had never heard of the brand, I just knew that she was my best dressed pick for the night and I wanted her entire look. I was obsessed with it. But I figured her being a celebrity it must have cost thousands for her outfit, so my obsession was short lived. Fast forward to now…I don’t quite remember how I came across the brand (which by the way is Lala Anthony’s clothing line) but when I saw these pants, and made the connection that it was the same brand as what Rocsi wore to the awards, I was sold! I took a chance and order the pants not knowing if they’d fit true to size, but luckily for me they fit to a T – the waist, length, and quality is just perfect. I’m hoping eventually they expand the line and make more of this style pant is different colours, because I’m buying them all. For me its hard to find a well-fitting pant, and now that I’ve found one, I’m sticking with it. Great job Lala! I got my eyes on the jumpsuit next ;)

black tuxedo pant
black tuxedo pant
black tuxedo pants
quilted marc jacobs purse
Photos by: Erv and Eryn P.

Top: Nordstrom
Pants: 5th & Mercer
Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Jewelry: David Yurman and BCBG

#STYLEFORTHOUGHT – Add more pop with coloured shoes or go bold with a bright or printed top.