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DIY – The Perfect Eyebrows

When I posted a picture of my anniversary selfie, I got asked by several of my friends how I got my brows looking so good. Well today I’m going to tell and show you the steps and products I used to achieve the perfect brows.

1. Shows a picture of my brows already primped since this was taken after I my car selfie, however in the following steps I show you how to achieve the end results.
2. I used a brow razor to shape my brows by scraping away unwanted hair being careful to maintain the shape.
3. I used a pointy tweezed to remove the left over hairs for a cleaner finish. A flat head tweezer can also work.
4. I used a Tom Ford matte foundation stick to create a flawless even toned finish. It also makes the brow stand out more.
5. Then I blend the foundation for a more natural look.
6. I used a Mac lip liner to accentuate the edge of my brows as well as any part of my brow that seemed sparse. 
7. I used a brown eyeshadow to define my brows. 
8. Lastly I used a Tom Ford highlighter to add shimmer, contouring, and definition. 

I hope this was an easy tutorial. Let me know how your perfect brows turn out! :)