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Lace and Pumps

lace pencil skirt

Happy Monday ya’ll! Ok, so I’ve got a confession to make. I have a habit of buying clothes that don’t fit because it’s cute/hot/unique and it’s the last one on the rack. You might be wondering “why too small and not too big”? Well, because it’s always the cute/hot/unique stuff that’s small left on the clothes and shoe racks 9 I don’t buy too small shoes tho). Always! So that’s the story behind this lace mixed-media pencil skirt. I instantly LOVED it, I didn’t even look at the size, I just knew it was mine and being the only one on the rack I felt like I won a prize of sorts. So now my dilemma is fitting into it. I’m able to put it on, even zip it up, but I can’t move and can barely breathe lol. My justification for keeping it? I need to lose a couple pounds anyway…which is always the story of my life lol. So even if I never wear it, I’m gonna keep – I can always use it for a client photo shoot. You wouldn’t give a gold medal back if you came 1st place would you? Exaclty! Like many other great shopping finds, this skirt is my prize. Are you guilty of doing the same?