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skater skirt 4


I wore this cute number to my daughters holiday luncheon.  She was specific about what I could and could not wear lol. She was like “Mommy, we are not allowed to wear anything shorter than arms length”… I don’t usually wear skirts but I thought this was the perfect preppy-girl look to lunch with my princess, and the red lips and satchel added some maturity to the ensemble…although I didn’t mind her friends telling me I looked like her sister :) But can I tell you the highlight of this outfit? The skirt cost me $15! Yup…I found in at TJMaxx on the clearance rack, SCORE!! Hmmm, I wonder what I’ll wear for their holiday class party this Friday lolol, check back soon to see xo

skater skirt

skater skirt 3

skater skirt 5

skater skirt 2

skater skirt 6

Top: Bellatrix

Skirt: TJMaxx

Bag: Marc Jacobs