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ox blood_blazer_burgundy
burgundy_ox blood_blazer

 I LOVE fall! Its always cool enough to wear blazers and still warm enough to rock shorts.
Not to mention fall fashion is my absolute favourite.

Photos by: Eryn P.
Clutch: Derek Lam
Shoes: Levity
Shorts: Frenchi

#StyleForThought – To determine a blazers perfect fit for you, make sure that you can bend your arms comfortably and the length of the sleeves hit just at or below the wrist bone when your arms are relaxed. Some styles call for a scrunched sleeve, in this case the sleeves can be shorter. Also, a well fitting blazer should be able to button up, but sometimes a blazer is used as a layered accessory only to enhance whats worn beneath, in which case, just leave it open. Happy Shopping! :)